Chemistry and Classification of Oil well Cements

Learning Objectives

After completing this topic “Chemistry and Classification of Oil well Cements, you will be able to:

  • List API cement classes and their application.
  • Describe the mixing quantities and procedures for various classes of cement and how they relate to cement job planning and execution.


Chemistry and Classification of Oil well Cements

Cement used in oil and gas well cementing is a Portland cement manufactured with materials and methods that have changed little over the last 160 years. The first Portland cement manufacturing process was patented in 1824 by an Englishman, Joseph Aspdin. It was designed to make an artificial version of Portland Stone, a limestone quarried on the Isle of Portland near Dorset, England.

Oil well cement differs from the Portland cement used in building or road construction as it is manufactured to perform under the special conditions encountered in wellbores. Such cements set and develop compressive strength as a result of hydration – a chemical reaction between water and the compounds that make up the cement.

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