Cementing Equipment

Learning Objectives

After completing this topic “Cementing Equipment, you will be able to:

  • Identify the equipment used for storage and transport of bulk cementing products.
  • Describe the components and operating principles of surface equipment used in mixing and pumping cement slurry.
  • Describe the purpose and function of various casing hardware.


The equipment associated with cementing falls into three categories:

  • Surface equipment used to transport and store cement, water, and additives
  • Surface equipment used to mix and pump the cement slurry
  • Downhole equipment added to the casing string to enable or support the cementing process

The “pressure pumping” service companies provide the surface cementing equipment. The systems are similar from one service provider to the other, although there are some companies that offer unique capabilities. The subsurface equipment can be obtained from the pumping service companies or from a number of other manufacturers that specialize in downhole equipment. The casing itself is usually provided by yet another manufacturer or supplier. This course provides an overview of the main categories and characteristics of cementing equipment.

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